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A3 Crafting Guide

Basic Crafting Material

Special Crafting Materials
Unique Weapons Grade 7.5 & 8.5
Crafting G9 & G10 Weapons
G9 Armour Crafting
G10 armour Crafting
Basic Crafting Material
Adding Option
Maximum Armour Options
Accessories Options & Reloading
Character & Shue XP
Common Passive Skills









Tier 1 Materials

The most abundant materials, can be acquired by hunting monsters.

Bone Shard 

Stone Piece 

Pointy Hair 


Shuteburr Ore 

Kardite Ore 

Syldinon Ore 

Kardion Ore

















Tier 2 Materials

Acquired by crafting of Tier 1 materials or from hunting monsters.

Bone Powder   =

Bone Shards x 4

Shuteburr Piece   =

Shuteburr Ore x 6

Stone Powder   =

Stone Pieces x 4

Kardite Piece   =

Kardite Ore x 6

Faf Wood Branch  =

Pointy Hair x 2

Syldinon Piece   =

Syldinon Ore x 6

Scale x 2

Kardion Piece   =

Kardion Ore x 6

















Tier 3 Materials

Acquired by crafting of Tier 2 materials. However, the Catalyst and Stabilizer can only be acquired by hunting monsters, and impossible through crafting.

Catalyst  = Monster drop only

Stabilizer = Monster drop only

Refined Shuteburr   =

Shuteburr Piece x 4

Refined Kardite  =

Kardite Piece x 4

Refined Syldinon  =

Syldinon Piece x 4

Refined Kardion  =

Kardion Piece x 4

















  Tier 4 Materials

Acquired only by crafting of Tier 3 materials. Impossible to get from hunting monsters. 

Tear of Saint  =

Catalyst x 2

Stabilizer x 1

Jewel of Barrier  =

Stabilizer x 2

Catalyst x 1

Shuteburr Crystal

Shuteburr Piecex 3

Kardite Crystal

Kardite Piece x 3

Syldinon Crystal

Syldinon Piece x 3

Kardion Crystal

Kardion Piece x 3

















  Tier 5 Materials

Impossible to acquire by crafting, only from hunting monsters.

Secret of Manufacturing

Shilbadu Branch 

Sap of Shilbadu

Root of Shilbadu

















  Tier 6 Materials

Impossible to acquire by crafting, only from hunting monsters.






Grace of Silbadu